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"Trade -In" Racket Program 

If you or your child has outgrown the racket you can trade it for a used one of different calibre and/or size (for a child).  


Our junior rackets range from 19", 23", 25" to 26". Most rackets are Dunlop with a limited number of used Wilson, Babolat and Head racquets that can be traded in and/or used during the program at no cost. Our used junior rackets can also be purchased for $10.00. If you wish to purchase a new racket, please contact us directly and we will direct you to the retailer. 


We carry the last four models of adult Dunlop rackets, random Head, Wilson, and Babolat rackets to be used during the program at no cost. Our used adult rackets can also be purchased. Their prices may range between $35 - $75. If you would like to purchase a new racket contact us directly for options and retailer contacts. 


You can demo and borrow any racket for practice and use during the program, FREE of charge.