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Our (Your) Tennis Academy

Welcome to the Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy. We are pleased that you have chosen to be part of our Academy that emphasizes tennis skills and strategies, fitness and wellness while making new friends in a safe, tobacco-free, fun, and competitive environment. The Academy's structure is guided by safety, program efficiency and effectiveness, service quality and knowledge, friendliness, and training. 

The mission of the Academy is to enhance lives of children, youth, and adults by providing quality instruction from introductory to high-performance levels of tennis skills and strategies, fitness and wellness related to the sport in a safe and fun environment, to establish hard-working individuals striving for excellence.

The Academy is a multi-lingual service provider that offers a wide range of tennis programs (including wheelchair tennis) independently and in co-operation with small and large community-based organizations to help increase awareness of the sport and active living. The Academy was initially established in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia in March 2007 and has been sponsored ever since. The Academy is led and operated under the supervision of Nadina in conjunction with her family members, Joel and Uzeir, and many friends from local universities, college, and community. Most of Academy's coaches and volunteers are bilingual and languages spoken at the Academy range from Bosnian (Tuzla, BiH), French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Latvian, to Romanian.

In 2007, the Academy started with a dozen participants and was able to reach 500 participants in 2008.  Although the Academy continues to hold positive and supportive relationships with the sport community on the East Coast, since 2009 it has been serving participants, schools, and community clubs in Western Ontario, with its most programming taking place in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON (on private, club, home, and public contract and insured based surfaces). 

While in Ontario, from 2009-2012, the Academy delivered provincially funded programs such as "Cardio Tennis" and "Progressive Tennis" for children to over 103 elementary schools introducing 17,697 students to the sport of tennis.

Each year the Academy donates 1,000+ used tennis balls to local elementary and high schools. 

Since 2012, the Academy coaches serve an active role on local, Kitchener Waterloo Sports Council committee. 

The Academy cares about causes related to children, education, human rights, and animal welfare and is an active supporter of organizations such as Kid Sport, Jump StartRight To Play, Girl Up, UN WomenKitchener-Waterloo Humane Society, Stratford-Perth Humane Society.