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Brad from Waterloo, ON:  "Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy has top-notch tennis coaches for those wishing to achieve the next level. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their game, at whatever level." 

Dale from Halifax, NS:  "Joel worked with our son for five years in Halifax during Andre's pre-teen and early teenage years. Andre went on to achieve a high national ranking in the U.S. during his high school years and to play as Number One Singles for Chapman University in Southern California during his freshman year. Without the backhand and court sense he developed under Joel's guidance, this would not have happened" 

Alicia from London, ON:  “I can't say enough good things about Nadina and Joel. They have both coached me individually and in larger 'program' groups - every time I walked away learning something new and wanting to come back for more! I'm the type that likes to be pushed to my limits and they have been more than accommodating. The best qualities they have as coaches are that they are a never-ending source of encouragement (especially when you are having an off day), they are a wealth of knowledge about the sport, they will TEACH you how to play AS WELL AS YOU WANT TO (they are not pushy), and having fun to them is the core around the game. I highly recommend them. If you really want to challenge yourself, ask them to do an hour of their drills!”. 

Santiago from Breslau, ON: “For anyone who is starting to play, or has played for a few years or is into tennis as a career, Joel and Nadina have a special gift that will make your tennis experience unforgettable.” 

John from Pickering, ON: “I had the pleasure of working with Joel and Nadina on several occasions. They take pride in what they do and it's easy to tell that their passion for the sport and what they do oozes off their racquets. When you're on the court with them, you know it's time to take care of the tennis business. Instruction and drills are delivered in an efficient, yet fun, and active way. They're happy to provide feedback and are always approachable and open to questions or conversations. Students are always pleased with their results and challenged by the activities they provide. There's never a dull moment on the court with Joel & Nadina. I highly recommend the Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy (IATA) for all your tennis needs!”.

Greg from Waterloo, ON:  "Imamovic-Ayer Tennis provides in-depth instruction of tennis for those at any level of the game. Along with their intense atmosphere and creative methodology, Imamovic-Ayer Tennis will work alongside you to improve all levels of your game in an in-depth and detail-oriented way coming from first-class instructors who care about your progress.”

Aleks from Kitchener, ON:  “Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy has great coaches that create an enjoyable and creative learning experience. The classes are events that one looks forward to whether they are a child or an adult. One sees fast improvements all while practicing in a pressure-free environment. They are my first choice coaches and will stay so for as long as I am in the region.”

John from Kitchener, ON: “Joel and Nadina Ayer are the exceptional owners of IATA. They use modern and creative ways to teach tennis to all ages and levels of tennis players with integrity and good value. Their passion for tennis combined with their professionalism and advanced tennis and teaching skills makes learning to play tennis an exciting and enjoyable use of your leisure time. It is my pleasure and honour to recommend IATA to teach tennis to anyone and to organize tennis programs.” 

Callen from Halifax, NS: “The Imamovic-Ayer Tennis Academy provides structured programs with exemplary communication, knowledge, and enthusiasm!” 

Shaq from Saint Francisco: “All of my experiences with Joel and Nadina have been extremely positive. Whether the class has been a private, small group, or full-paced cardio tennis Joel and Nadina deliver a service second to none! They are both extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of tennis training whether it is technical, physical, mental, or tactics of the game. I have since moved from the area where the Academy works but remember all the great times had on the court. Anyone who signs up for lessons with IATA will not be disappointed!!!” 

Koren from Waterloo, ON: "Imamovic-Ayer Tennis has provided tennis lessons in our community for 2 years. The lessons have become increasingly popular since they became our tennis provider. Coaches are personable and knowledgeable and run a fabulous tennis program!!!” 

Mina from Kitchener, ON: “Our whole family has taken tennis lessons from Imamovic-Ayer Tennis. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching tennis to any person. From a beginner to a more advanced player can certainly gain more tennis skills. They can also relate to any age of player. In our family, we have had all different skill levels and ages and have all progressed well from our lessons."

Stephen from Kitchener, ON: “My wife and I have taken tennis lessons with them several times. Always a great experience. Would recommend them to anybody.” 

Clare from Ayr, ON: “I would highly recommend IATA to anyone. We had our 6-year-old in tennis camp this summer and he LOVED it. So much so that we didn't even have to ask him to get ready! He was waiting for us! Joel is great with practicing skills in an effective and fun way turning drills into games and fun challenges while maintaining great control of the kids. We have signed our son up for future lessons and he can't wait for them to start. He gets excited at the very mention of the word tennis. It was because of Joel's great teaching techniques that our son is successful and passionate about the sport.” 

Nancy from Ayr, ON:  "Imamovic Ayer Tennis Academy has provided tennis instruction to our youth and adult programs. They are extremely knowledgeable of their sport and present themselves in a very professional manner.” 

Jim from Halifax, NS: “Good coaches and great people. Ran a good program when they were here in NS. The first question my son would ask when I mentioned tennis lessons was "Is it with Joel?" Definitely would recommend Joel and Nadina.” 

Rosanna from Waterloo, ON: “I have had Imamovic-Ayer Tennis instructors come into my school for the past 3 years. They have provided introductory tennis instruction to students from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Their program was creative, fun and kept the interest of the students. I would gladly have them come back to our school any time.” 

Mike from Halifax, NS: “They are really focused on clients' needs and requests. They are good listeners and are very professional on and off the court.” 

Thomas from Halifax, NS: “A fun, easy-going, knowledgeable tennis coach.”

Claudia from Halifax, NS: “Great experience taking tennis lessons!” 

Scott from Halifax, NS: “Our son has been coached by Joel and Nadina for 2 years. We found that their coaching style was professionally detailed, along with a very intuitive approach to communicating and teaching tennis. I would recommend them highly for every level of player.” 

Dmitry from Kitchener, ON:  “Joel would not let you sleep on the playground, oh no - you'd burn any fat you saved for a rainy day. You'll have lots of fun and lots of sweat! Time flies when Joel makes you busy. Everyone in our group had different ages, but we turned to little kids and enjoyed our playtime! I'm busy with our twins now, but looking forward to joining Joel and chasing a ball like a little puppy again! :) Thank you, Joel!!!” 

Joe from Waterloo, ON:  “Joel makes workouts enjoyable and he attracts strong players who are interested in improving skills with like-minded players. Joel conducts sessions in a supportive and pleasant environment.”

Jay from Waterloo, ON:  “Joel is teaching tennis to my girls. He is quite enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching them every single lesson time. My daughters always look forward to playing tennis with him. Thank you so much, Joel!!!”

Ying from Waterloo, ON:  “Joel was the tennis coach for our daughter, he did a very good job in teaching, so a few months after, he became the coach for me and my wife. We all liked him. Joel is a dedicated professional tennis coach, has a good personality, a lot of fun!!!”

Rosemary from Waterloo, ON:  “Joel is a great coach who is very patient and explains techniques very well. He teaches with innovative drills to develop skills.”